Luxe Helps You Get the Long-Term Care Coverage You Paid For

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Luxe Helps You Get the Long-Term Care Coverage You Paid For

You have purchased Long-Term Care insurance. You thought it would cover anything protracted illness or accident that occurred, but it doesn’t. What exactly does your policy cover or what circumstances have to occur before it pays out? What paperwork do you need to fill out to get the process started?

What Does a Long-Term Care Policy Typically Cover?

According to, long-term care policies may cover:

  • Nursing home: a full range of skilled health care, rehabilitation care, personal care and daily activities in a 24/7 setting.
  • Assisted living: apartment-style units that offers personal care, meal delivery, etc.
  • Adult day care services: assistance with health, social and other support services.
  • Home care: services, such as bathing, grooming and help with chores and housework.
  • Home modification: installation of ramps or grab bars.
  • Care coordination: trained or licensed professionals who assist with locating care and arranging for services.
  • Future service options: if a new type of long-term care service is developed after you purchase the insurance, some policies offer the flexibility to cover these new services.

We Personally Handle Your Long-Term Care Claim

We recently received a letter from a man who had contacted us about caring for his father who had just released from the hospital in an extremely weakened state. He could not possibly care for himself. Both he and the son had assumed that the Long-Term Care policy the father had purchased, would provide immediate coverage, but found that wasn’t the case at all. The son contacted the insurance company and was sent a mound of paperwork to fill out and return before they would begin processing the claim. The son had heard from a friend about Luxe Home Care and intended to hire us to provide help for his father. That is until the insurer delayed things. Our Long-Term Care Management specialist was able to help the son work through the paperwork and submit it to the insurance company, which signed off on the much-needed services his father required.

When you’ve just been diagnosed with an illness, have had an accident or require post-surgical care, the last thing you want to do is negotiate coverage with the insurance company. At Luxe Home Care it is our pleasure to do it for you.

Because we largely deal with the senior community, Luxe Home Care provides complimentary Long-Term Care Management Services. You don’t have to be in a nursing facility to collect from your policy, but you do have to meet the guidelines. Our trained specialists handle your long-term care claims and all the paperwork that goes along with them. We have collectively saved our clients hundreds of hours of time by acting as their liaison with the insurance companies.

Not All Homecare Services are the Same

We hope you will choose Luxe Home Care to help your loved one, however, whoever you decide to work with, make sure you find the agency that fits your needs. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is your agency approved by your Long-Term Care provider?
    • Is it familiar with Long-Term Care claims?
    • How closely does it supervise the quality of care? And what is the procedure for that?
    • Is the agency licensed in the State of California?
    • Does the agency consult with the client and their family to create a personalized, written care plan? How often is the plan updated?

You can find more questions and information at To learn more about our agency visit Luxe Home Care also works with insurers on short-term care policies as well. We work hard to be your home care advocate. Call Luxe Homecare now at (888) 714-5893, or call about Home Health at (310) 459-3535

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Luxe Helps You Get the Long-Term Care Coverage You Paid For
If you or your loved one has paid for lomg-term care, you want to get the maximum possible benefit from that insurance policy. Luxe Homecare will help you to do that.
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