Senior Transportation for Mom, Only a Phone Call Away

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Senior Transportation for Mom, Only a Phone Call Away

Finding senior transportation for mom or dad isn’t always easy. That’s probably why much of our communication is with the adult children of our clients. They dearly love and respect their parents, but they do not have the time to drive them to and from their appointments or activities. Often their parent may not have applied or qualified for transportation programs and are hesitant to use mass transportation. We understand, and that’s why Luxe Home Care offers transportation services for seniors. Although we serve several cities and towns (Pacific Palisades, Long Beach, Newport and Riverside) throughout southern California, we are only able to offer our senior transportation service in the Pacific Palisades area.

Recently we heard from Adrienne. She’s the daughter of Carole, a 77-year-old mother who lives in Pacific Palisades. Carole is in good health, but after a few minor fender benders doesn’t feel secure driving any longer. She’d prefer if her daughter could take her to see friends, shop or go to her appointments but realizes this may be unrealistic for Adrienne, who works as an attorney, has two high school age children and lives in Agoura. Adrienne was ecstatic when she heard that Luxe Home Care has a transportation service in the area that caters to seniors.

Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Senior Transportation

We understand that, like Adrienne, you want to be secure in the fact that your loved one is well cared for and is enjoying life to the fullest. Our policy is to treat your parents as if they were part of our family, and in a sense, they are. Our prime concern is and always has been the well-being of our clients. We make sure that our caregivers, especially our drivers, have been thoroughly background-checked, do not have a criminal record and have a good driving record. Our drivers will even wait with your loved one during their appointment or outing. Whether mom or dad need to run some errands, go the supermarket or mall, or make a deposit at the bank, our transportation service can safely get them to where they need to go and back home again.

We have two types of transportation vehicles: A car service for those seniors who can still walk or maneuver with a cane or walker, and a non-ambulatory service, which uses vans, for those who are in wheelchairs.

Ambulatory Transportation

If your parent or loved one can walk either with or without the assistance of a cane or walker, and can transfer by themselves with help into the passenger seat of a car, we provide a vehicle that can take them wherever they need to go.

Non-Ambulatory Transportation

If, on the other hand, your parent has severe restrictions and is in a wheel chair and cannot easily transfer into a car, we use our specially modified vans that make it easier to transport them. We lower a ramp on the van, which allows us to roll their wheelchair into position and secure it in place. We can transport your family member to and from doctor’s appointments, outpatient hospital or clinical visits, escort them to and from surgical procedures, special events or just take them out to run errands or for social engagements.

Keeping It Secure

How can you be sure your loved one is getting into the right car? We make it easy. We’ll pick them up at the door and escort them to our orange and white vehicles with our name and logo emblazoned on them. To get an idea of how this service works visit

Contact Luxe Home Care to find out more about our transportation service and how we can better serve you.

Senior Transportation for Mom, Only a Phone Call Away
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Senior Transportation for Mom, Only a Phone Call Away
Luxe Home Care offers senior transportation services for in Pacific Palisades.
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