Helping Mom Control Her Diabetes

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Helping Mom Control Her Diabetes

At Luxe Homecare we work with people who have acute and long-term health conditions or need help with activities of daily living (showering, grooming, dressing, etc.). That’s why we offer in-home caregivers who can help with personal care, light housekeeping and meal preparation as well as home health professionals who can come into the home for post-surgical or post-injury needs. It also makes it easier for our client and their families if both categories are needed.

That was what happened with Stacey. Her mother, Ethel is in her early 70’s and had just received a diabetes diagnosis. It’s not unusual for someone later in years to develop Type II. In fact, one in four adults 65 or older have diabetes.

The doctor said that her mother would have to learn how to give herself insulin injections. He prescribed an insulin pen, which is easier to insert and learn how to use than a syringe. But Stacey was squeamish about any needle and didn’t want to hurt her mother. She needed a nurse who could teach her mom how to store the pens and how to take the injections. As we provide home health professionals, we immediately scheduled our nurse to go to Ethel’s house and show her the routine. After three visits Ethel became a pro with the insulin pen. Stacey told us how impressed both she and her mother were with the nurse we sent over. She was considerate, compassionate and understanding. Ethel can’t stop talking about her incredible nurse. We are always happy to hear from our clients, especially when they were happy with the services we provided.

Once that part was complete, Stacey hired one of our non-medical caregivers to help Ethel maintain the low-glycemic diet the doctor prescribed and to make sure she tested her blood and gave herself the appropriate amount of insulin. Ethel and the caregiver have hit it off. Stacey mentioned that she believes having the caregiver there as an accountability partner of sorts has also been extremely helpful for Ethel’s adherence to her diet.


The Luxe Training Program

We invest a great deal of energy and time in our employees. Luxe Homecare only hires top-notch health professionals (nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists; speech therapists) to join our team. We also spend many hours training our non-medical caregivers to work with a variety of patients. We reap the benefits of this investment every time one of our clients, like Stacey, tell us how well we’ve performed and how grateful they are.


Are You One of the Undiagnosed Adults with Diabetes?

There is one more important statistic that I haven’t mentioned, and that is the number of adults who are pre-diabetic but have not been diagnosed. According to some studies, one out of three adults are pre-diabetic, and of this group nine out of ten do not know they have it. If you are in this age group and have any of the signs of being diabetic (excess weight, frequent urination, frequent thirst, etc.), we beg you to see a healthcare professional. Diabetes can cause heart disease, strokes and other health-related issues. If you do get diagnosed with diabetes, Luxe Homecare can help get you on the path to better health.

Contact Luxe Homecare at (310) 454-5500 in the Pacific Palisades, its home office; (562) 216-8092 in Long Beach; (949) 476-3619 in Newport Beach; and (951) 710-3202 in Riverside, or by emailing

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Helping Mom Control Her Diabetes
After the Luxe Homecare nurse made three training visits, Ethel became a pro with the insulin pen. Stacey told us how impressed both she and her mother were with the nurse we sent over. She was considerate, compassionate and understanding.
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