Sometimes even after a patient has passed on, we hear from family members who no longer feel as if they have a purpose in life. They are at a loss for what to do. Because they spent so much time helping to care for their spouse, parent or child, they didn’t take the time nurture friendships and other outside connections. This is a very lonely and stressful time for them.

Studies show that having a strong support system reduces the stress response. And when stress is lowered, the odds of staving off depression, heart disease, and other ailments increases.

Caregivers are also Companions

At Luxe Homecare our staff can help with a variety of situations from in-home health care after an injury and rehabilitation to general home caregivers. We hire and train caregivers who can assist with everything from light housekeeping and meal preparation to tasks of daily living. Included in this are those who can also serve as companions. A family’s emotional health is just as important as their physical well-being.

We Helped Violet Find Herself Again

Our caregivers took care of Violet’s husband, Frank, for a little more than two years. Despite his failing health he was a very gregarious man, always cracking jokes and keeping our caregivers and Violet, his wife of 47 years, in stitches. Before Frank became ill, he and Violet had a large group of friends who they would see every weekend, but his inability to travel put an end to that, so Violet stayed home with him. At first the friends would call, but that became less frequent over the next couple of years. Now that Frank is finally at rest, Violet would like to get back to her old life but isn’t sure how to do it.

While cleaning out some drawers, she came across the initial paperwork and brochures we provided to her when we first started working with Frank. She noticed that we offer companionship services. Violet called to see if this was something she qualified for. “I’m not sick,” she said. “I just want someone to talk to.” I told her that was something we would be delighted to provide.


We matched a caregiver to Violet who would not only be able to do things with her but was a good listener. Our caregiver and Violet have become good friends, and have even started to volunteer together at the local food bank. Violet has begun to reach out to some of the old friends she and Frank used to see. It’s taking time, but her life is becoming full again. Soon she may not even need our companionship services. However, she says our caregiver has become a life-long friend now whether she uses our services or not.

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