When most people think of home care agencies, they conjure up visions of seniors who are in failing health. But this isn’t always the case. Yes, home care agencies do have a generous share of older clients who require companionship or help with activities of daily living. But at many agencies, home care programs also include respite time for families with intellectually or physically disabled members, and those who need assistance with grocery shopping, doctor’s visits, meal preparation, and more.

Our Services Expand Beyond Home Care

At Luxe Homecare we offer an expanded menu of services to the Southern California communities we serve from light housekeeping to more intensified caregiving. We also have a separate unit of our company just for Home Health services which provides home health professionals for post-surgical or post-injury therapies or in the case of those with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, social workers or occupational therapists. Unlike standard home caregiving, home health services must be ordered by an attending physician.
Additionally, we offer a third layer, transportation services for ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients, to our Pacific Palisades’ clients. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a certain age, or have an illness to use our service. We provide transportation to younger individuals who have short-term health issues.

Does a Broken Leg Qualify for Your Transportation Service?

This question came up a few months ago when Erick contacted us. A healthy 35-year old, Erick broke his leg in two places. According to his doctor, driving would not be an option for months. Erick, who lives in the Pacific Palisades, asked around and found out that we offer a transportation service. His concern was that it was only for the elderly or the severely infirmed, of which he was neither. We told him that we could help him, too. His primary concern was getting to and from work, but he also needed transportation to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments.

He explained that he had thought of contacting one of the car services he had taken in the past, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to guarantee the size car that came to pick him up. He needed a full-size car or van that he could comfortably get into and out of without a lot of maneuvering. He noticed that our vehicles include a van, which would be perfect for him.

I joked with Erick that he was lucky he lived in the Pacific Palisades area as this is the only office where we have a transportation service. He agreed and asked how soon he could start using our service. We were able to take Erick to work, pick him up and make sure he got his errands completed until his doctor gave him the go-ahead to drive again.

After his recovery, he told us that he’d never think of home care agencies in the same way again. And although he hoped he wouldn’t need our other services for quite a while, he certainly would feel confident in hiring us again for himself or a family member.

Community Confidence Makes All the Difference

Providing our transportation service to Erick allowed us to show someone who is not in the age group of our typical clients what our services and our agency are all about. The better informed the community is about home care and home health services in general, the more likely they will know they can trust us for their care or that of a loved one.

Luxe Homecare welcomes community input in all the areas we serve, from Pacific Palisades to Riverside, Long Beach, and Newport Beach.

To find out how we may be able to help you with your home care or transportation services, contact us at (310) 459-3535, or email us at info@luxehc.com.

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What Does Home Care Mean to You?
Home care means help in your home, but it also means help in daily living. Senior Transportation by Luxe Homecare in Pacific Palisades provides the mobility people need, whether short term or long term.