Several months ago, Cheri called us. She was making contact with home care agencies in the area to see if they would be appropriate for her parents. Cheri had done her homework. She knew the questions to ask. Once she briefly explained her mother’s situation to me, she began to go down her list of need-to-knows.

What did she ask? Among other things, Cheri wanted to know:

  • If she could change the assigned caregiver if her mother and the caregiver had a personality conflict?
  • How often would the caregiver see her mother?
  • What duties would be performed?
  • Could the caregiver take her mother to doctor’s appointment if Cheri wasn’t available to do so? And if needed, would they be able to sit in and take notes?
  • Were we licensed by the city and state we were in?
  • If our caregivers were independent or employees? And if they are employees, are they vetted?
  • How we charge?
  • If we accepted insurance and what kind?

Her Homecare Questions Were All Answered

I explained to Cheri that we do our best to match our caregivers with our clients and that yes, we understand all about personality differences. Our goal, we told Cheri, was to make our presence in her mother’s home as seamless as possible.

  • Frequency of Homecare Visits. How often the caregiver came to see her mother depended a great deal on our assessment of her mother, the living conditions, etc. Once this was completed, we would sit down again with Cheri and give her our suggestions.
  • Homecare Services Depend Upon Client Needs. The duties performed by our dedicated and highly motivated caregivers would again depend on her mother’s needs. They could range from help with acts of daily living (grooming, eating, bathing) to light housekeeping, meal planning, and preparation, medication reminders, etc.
  • Homecare Services Can Include Doctor Appointments. Our caregivers can absolutely take her mother to doctor appointments, and any other appointments for that matter, as well as grocery shopping and on other errands. Whether they were able to sit in would depend on Cheri contacting the doctor’s office and making arrangements for this. I also mentioned that we offer ambulatory transportation in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and Malibu areas.
  • Luxe Homecare Licensing. Luxe homecare is licensed by the State of California, and the California Department of Public Health, is certified by Medicare, the California Association for Health Services at Home and the California Department of Public Health, and is approved by the California Department of Social Services. We also post our privacy policy on our website.
  • Luxe Homecare Employees. Our caregivers are employees, not independent contractors. That means that they are vetted. We perform a criminal background check, look at their DMV records and thoroughly vet their references. We also pay for their worker’s compensation and liability insurance.
  • Luxe Homecare Fees. We have an hourly fee for our services and would discuss an amount once we were able to determine her mother’s needs.
  • Homecare Insurance Claims. Luxe Homecare works with all insurance companies and can even help to manage client’s short-term and long-term healthcare claims.

Cheri seemed satisfied with our answers and soon signed her mother up with our agency. It’s been a year now, and she can’t say enough good things about our agency. I am grateful for her praise, but more so for the trust she has put in us.

To find out how we Luxe Homecare can help, contact us at (310) 362-4882, email We provide caregiving and home health services to individuals living in the greater Southern California area including Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Malibu, Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, Riverside and Santa Monica.

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Questions About Homecare Agencies – What Does the Client Need?
People in need of homecare for themselves or a parent usually have a list of vital questions, such as frequency of visits, resolving personality conflicts, caregiver duties, caregivers taking clients to doctor visits, caregivers as homecare agency employees or not, homecare agency licensing, homecare agency fees, and types of insurance accepted. This article answers all of those questions regarding Luxe Homecare.
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