The concept of home healthcare often confounds people, as they mix it up with in-home caregivers. The former is a team of medical and healthcare professionals who help patients continue on the road to recovery following surgeries, severe injuries or for chronic or acute medical reasons. The latter refers to caregivers who assist individuals with activities of daily living, light housework, meal planning and more, who may not have any specific training.

The idea behind home healthcare is to facilitate and increase a patient’s health and strength. Instead of having to leave home to see a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, therapist, medical social worker or pharmacist, these healthcare professionals come to you. In the case of the pharmacist, prescriptions can be ordered online or on the phone and then delivered to a residential address.

As a licensed, bonded and Medicare approved and certified home healthcare agency, Luxe hires only the best healthcare professionals to attend to our patients in their homes, senior communities or nursing facilities. You are ineligible for home health care services if you require more than intermittent or part-time skilled nursing care.

Below is some information that will help families better understand the purpose of home healthcare and for what the various team members are responsible.

  • Nursing: A registered nurse will typically consult with the physician who placed the care order so that she/he can set up a plan, which may range from administering medication, pain management, ostomy care and attention to wounds to intravenous therapy. The nurse will also interact with the doctor in charge to discuss any care plan changes or to act as his liaison with family members.
  • Medical social workers: These team members help locate resources for the patient that will aid in their recovery, or in more complex cases may help coordinate multiple social services.
  • Nutritional support: A dietician is often part of this team to make sure that the patient is receiving the proper nutrition to help them heal.
  • Pharmacist: The pharmacy can deliver prescriptions to the home and can instruct the patient how to administer specific drugs, whether oral, suppositories or intravenous medications.
  • Therapies (physical, speech, occupational): You may not need all three of these therapies, but they are available if you do. For example, if you just had a hip replacement, you’ll likely need physical therapy to help you with exercises for making your new hip functional, or occupational therapy to make sure you can safely navigate the stairs, escalators or the shower stall. If you’ve had a stroke, you may need speech therapy to regain your language abilities plus physical and occupation therapy.
  • Home Health Aides: Aides assist with activities of daily living such as grooming, dressing or eating. Those who have received additional certification can also work alongside a nurse, helping with your care.
  • Home caregivers: These individuals fill in non-personal tasks such as grocery shopping, laundry, meal preparation, and vacuuming.
  • Lab tests: To avoid leaving your home during recovery, much of the x-rays and blood work required by your doctor can be performed in your home.
  • Transportation: Luxe Homecare has a car service that can take you to and from doctor’s appointments.

Home healthcare is a way to provide continuity in a patient’s recovery. Studies have shown that home healthcare following a severe illness or injury reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Long-Term Care Insurance policies, Medicare or its supplemental programs, or Medi-Cal often cover parts of this care. Contact your insurance representative for more information. Our staff can also assist you with your Long-Term Care insurance claims making sure that they are filled out correctly and helping to track them for you.

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