A friend recommended I contact your agency. It’s about my father, Norman. He’s 72 years of age and has Parkinson’s diagnosis. Lately, my father has been falling and injuring himself several times a week, although he plays it down. I know he needs help, but I’m not sure how to convince him to let a stranger into his home.

James H.”


I received this email several years ago, but I was reminded of it because April is National Parkinson’s Awareness month. James included his phone number on the original email, so I called him to get more information as to why his father was falling and what types of injuries were occurring. He told me more about his Dad’s story.

“My father has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It started with a tremor in his hand, and now there is one in his opposite leg. He doesn’t want to admit that it’s now affecting him  fully, but I can see that it is. He says he stands up to ‘shake out the tremor,’ but I’m guessing that’s when he loses his balance for falls. Do you offer services that would help him? I’m desperate.”

Luxe Has an In-Home Caregiving Services and Caregivers for Everyone

I told him that we could help Norman with a variety of services. Since everyone experiences these disorders differently, we have had to provide a wide range of services from speech, physical and occupational therapists in our Home Healthcare Department to Homecare business, which provides aides who can assist with the acts of daily living such as showering, walking, grooming, etc. as well as light housekeeping, and meal planning and preparation.

I have been relatively healthy during my lifetime, and often wonder what it is like for clients who have been independent their entire lives and then due to one diagnosis like Parkinson’s need to ask for help. At Luxe, we empathize with you and your family. We see and treat you as a whole human being who deserves to be loved and handled with care in a dignified manner. That’s one of the main reasons we try to match our caregiver’s personalities with our clients because if you have to spend several hours a day with someone, you should at least like them. And if our matches don’t work out, you are welcome to request a change in your in-home caregiver. We also understand that not everyone is fluent in English, so many of our caregivers (employees) also speak Spanish or Tagalog.

Also, I thought it was important that James knew that we are licensed, bonded and accredited by a variety of organizations. We are certified and approved by Medicare, certified by the California Association of Health Services at Home (CAHSA), licensed by the California Department of Public Health, accredited by the Joint Commission, and approved by the California Department of Social Services. Luxe has partnered with SCAN Health Plan, Aetna, Blue Shield, Health Net, United Healthcare and Aetna to provide our clients with as many insurance options as possible. I also informed James that if Norman had long term care insurance, our staff could help him fill out and submit the forms as well as assist with follow up.

I checked back in with James a few weeks after he hired us to see how things were working out. He sounded so much calmer than he had during our initial conversation.

“I can’t believe the difference having in-home help has made in my father,” he exclaimed. He is so much happier, has some companionship and appreciates the help he’s receiving. I am going to tell everyone about your services.”

Luckily, Norman lived in Long Beach, which is one the several Southern California areas that we cover. Other areas where we provide homecare  include our headquarters in Pacific Palisades, as well as the communities of Malibu, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and Riverside. Luxe Homecare can be reached by phone at (310) 459-3535, or [email protected].