24/7 Senior Home Care

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24/7 Senior Home Care

24/7 Elderly Care Services by Luxe Homecare

People age and their life may get more and more difficult over time. As people age, they may find it hard to do different types of everyday activities such as bathing, cooking, dining, dressing, grooming, moving around, toileting, shopping and others.
All these tasks are becoming more challenging over time. And of course, older adults need help, care as well as support every single day.
Unfortunately, some seniors don’t have a family as well as loved ones, who can support them. There are also the situations when people are not close to their friends and family. Or, maybe, seniors have relatives and friends, who live very busy lives and simply don’t have a chance to provide them with care that they need.
Luckily, a solution exists. Today, elderly people can get the support and love they need to live a normal and independent life. All that they need to do is to take advantage of 24 hour home care services for seniors.
It’s worth noting that 24 hours home care for seniors is intended for old people, who need the assistance every day. Without a doubt, elderly people will feel comfortable with long-term home care service.

Our Philosophy

We understand that each client is unique and he/she needs to be treated differently. That’s why we develop a unique in-home care plan for each customer. So, a client will receive in-home care service that meets all his/her needs.
With our award-winning in-home care agency, seniors get an opportunity to stay at home and enjoy freedom and luxury of aging in their own place.
Our senior caregiving agency has been around for many years. Our team members are passionate about their work and have huge experience in providing different types of home care services.
We are a team of very knowledgeable, extremely professional and friendly senior care staff. Professionals are committed to providing seniors with high level home care services and the best possible customer experience. Our specialists would be happy to provide seniors with help they need to do all the necessary daily tasks.
With our premium home care services, seniors get support and care they need at home. So, they will be able to stay in their own house.
We are one of the top-rated senior caregiving agencies that everybody can trust. People, who’ve used our services, leave only positive reviews about our agency on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other sites.
People write good things about our senior caregiving agency and recommend us to others. We have built a solid reputation on the market. As a result, more and more people choose to use our home care services.

Luxe Homecare is highly rated & reviewed by locals like you.

"They provide excellent, professional help to my Aunt. This helps me greatly since I do not live in the area and can't provide this support."

William C. said

"We hired Luxe for PT/OT and related care of my mom at home. Each expert has been knowledgable, kind and professional. I would recommend them highly."

Maria M.

"My mom was so very happy with the level of care provided, and it also gave me a peace of mind that there is a team of professionals here in LA to take care of my mother."

Mason S.

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