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Simply put, Luxe has been a lifesaver. We needed part time care for my mom about 4 years ago, and I saw the great reviews of Luxe on Yelp. Was a plus that the office was very close by. Faye came to the house, was very professional and helped my mother feel more comfortable with the arrangement during her initial assessment. We had part-time care for a few years, and then mom’s condition required full time help. Originally, we added a second agency for overnight coverage as it was cheaper. Well, you get what you pay for. The second agency owner was argumentative, and dishonest on a number of occasions. Ultimately, made the decision to discontinue with this second agency over concerns about the agency’s adherence to labor laws (be SURE to review this… I found out that despite using an agency, the family is co-liable as a co-employer). Anyway, we went full-time with Luxe last Fall and I have not regretted the decision. In addition to Faye, Stephanie and Ben are amazing. They proactively reach out to me with any staff changes or billing issues, and are exceptionally pleasant. The main kudos go to the caregivers. We’ve had one primary caregiver for three years and she treats my mom like family. I trust her entirely. The other caregivers have been great. Trained, pleasant, conscientious, and treat my mom with loving care. Yes, the cost is more, but the peace of mind is worth it. I recommend Luxe Home Care without reservation.  Tracy M. – Los Angeles, CA

We have been so pleased by Luxe HomeCare in the Palisades. The office staff is incredibly professional and helpful and they have worked tirelessly with our family throughout the entire process of finding the right home health care workers for my father. Luxe have also helped us through the Long term care insurance issues with John Hancock. My father who is 98 years old has the two most fantastic home health care people in our home taking care of him 7 days a week. They are top notch staff. I hope they never leave. My father needs help being driven to the market, doctor appointments and with bathing and cooking meals. Both women never leave his side, protecting him for the entire time they are with him. We have an incredible peace of mind with Luxe HomeCare. Thank you…

As our mother of 93 years neared her end and the level and amount of care she required outpaced our large family’s ability to cope, Luxe home care was a godsend. After the initial nervousness and trepidation of relying on someone else to care for mom, (I mean… SHE’S OUR MOM!) our anxiety quickly subsided when they stepped in and stepped up. Their professional competence, and GENUINE CARING was more than we could ask for during those trying and chaotic times when each one of us was coming to terms with the eventual loss of our family’s enduring matriarch. Their presence during this time, their professionalism, their friendship cannot be overstated.

My mother has lived in Pacific Palisades for almost 40 years. Over a year ago she became very ill and had to be hospitalized and then had to stay in a Rehabilitation Center for almost a month. Before she left Rehab the issue of being cared for came up and this was an area we were forced to explore. It was evident that she was frail, needed physical therapy and other support services. She was given some counseling and had to make choices. This was all very new to her and to our family. The Rehab Center informed all of us about assisted Living set-ups as well as agencies that provide Homecare. She decided she wanted to try Homecare because she missed being at home so much. It was the place with her piano, art work, books , pictures and memories of her family life and work. So far that turned out to be a wise decision. What was not so easy was getting the right agency that could provide the match of caregiver(s) that could could help her with the struggles she faced. It took a while to sort that out. And surprisingly, it was my Mom came up with the answer. She remembered that she had met Fay Vadani, the owner of Luxe Homecare professionally a few years ago and liked her very much. (My mother, like Fay, was active in the community. ) She also remembered that Fay owned a Homecare agency right in the Palisades area. So we encouraged her to contact Fay. Fay came to visit my Mom and listened to what she wanted and needed. And so began my mother’s journey to better health and support . She was sent caregivers that were caring and compassionate. My family and I want to thank Luxe Homecare for all they have done and are doing for my MOM. Our blessings and appreciation to the wonderful team at Luxe Homecare.

I was so relieved and happy to see LUXE HOMECARE did everything they said they would do. They were so sensitive to the family’s need with mom. Everybody was so willing to help, it made everything so much easier to handle. Thank you LUXE HOMECARE!

I am so grateful a friend referred me to Luxe. Finding a caretaker is a really hard decision. My father has Alzheimer’s. Luxe helped me during a difficult time. Faye, went out of her way to understand my Dad’s personality & what caretaker would fit best with him & what I wanted. The staff were great and always got back to me, even when last minute. Claudia was my Dad’s caretaker. She was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about her. She was so kind to me, to my Dad and is such a great person. She went out of her way to work with scheduling at Luxe & me when I needed her. My experience with Luxe was life-changing

I had a very professional and compassionate experience with Luxe Homecare. Fay and Brenda answered every question and took my calls when I was not even sure what services I needed. My mother passed away before they even started but they followed up with me and I was not even a client. I can only image what would happen if I was a client.

Luxe Home Care is the absolute best. They have been providing care for my elderly father with great skill, compassion, reliability, professionalism and competence. Fay and her team are a delight to work with — determined to ensure the right fit in personality and skill and always available around the clock. I would highly recommend working with Luxe for any home health care needs. The level of service and excellence they provide exceeds all other experiences I have had.

2 years ago my very independent parents, 93 and 89 years old, began needing in home help. Luxe Homecare was highly recommended by several of our friends and I have nothing but praise for this outstanding home healthcare agency. Fay Vahdani, the agency’s administrator, came to their house, assessed their needs, and ever since she has consistently provided excellent caregivers. While all the caregivers have been caring, good people, Fay believes in getting good personality matches and was never hesitant to change someone if it seemed to be needed. Our wonderful caregivers helped my father through his last year, hospice and his passing in 2015. Our current outstanding caregiver is taking excellent care of my Mother. And the office staff is very caring, responsive and prompt in all of our questions and needs. In addition to in home care they have expanded services to include in home PT, nursing care and transportation. The PT person and the nurse that my Mother had recently were very professional, knowledgeable and also very caring individuals. Luxe, with Fay at the helm, gives me peace of mind that everything that needs to be done for my Mother (and both of my parents initially) is done in the best manner possible. Hands down they are the best agency to call if a loved one needs in home care.

My family and I are grateful for Luxe Homecare and the quality care they provided for my grandmother. It wasn’t easy for us to trust someone who is genuine and actually provides quality and professional care. Fay, the owner, met with my grandmother and our family in person to understand our concerns and the needs of my grandmother. I appreciated how caring and genuine she was. Fay recommended my grandmother with a caregiver who best suited her needs and wants. Every time I visit my grandmother I see how professional and caring her caregiver is to her and how they’ve actually developed an adorable relationship- which means a lot, it makes my grandmother feel as though she has a close friend in the house rather than someone whose just working for her. What I appreciate even more is how Fay checks in regularly with our family and my grandmother to make sure she is happy and if there are any changes to her health that they need to address. I strongly recommend Luxe Homecare for their caring, professional, and quality services. My family and I sleep so much better at night knowing that my beloved grandmother is in good hands. We truly appreciate Fay and her team for being so amazing!!

The caring and loving staff took such great care of my mom. I can never thank them enough! they were truly gifts from God. they kept her safe and clean and happy. They were so very respectful and loving, they all became part of our family. Thank you so much to Bella, Mila, Vilma and Purita and our case manager Ina. You all gave my mom such a better quality of life towards the end, I can never thank you enough, you are all family members in my heart and I thank you so much again for all you did for her. XXOO

Luxe Homecare really came through for us when our 93 year old Mother needed 24 hour care at home. Ina at Luxe provided Mom with the most capable, loving and caring caregivers: Bella, Vilma, Purita and Mila. There were a few other caregivers that filled in over the months, but these ladies went to the ends of the earth to provide the best care to our Mother. It gave my Father and our (large) family great peace of mind to know that Mom was in the best hands. Mom loved these ladies as much as they loved her. The caregivers were also very accommodating and friendly with all of our family members as we all stopped by regularly to visit Mom and Dad. Sadly, Mom recently passed away. Bella, Vilma, Purita and Mila, as well as Ina and Faye all came to her celebration of life. Thank you, Ladies, for making our Mother as comfortable and happy as you did over the last several months of her life. And thank you, Luxe Homecare, for the superior and most appreciated services you provide to those in need.

My husband took a fall that left him in a wheel chair for a month or so. He had appointments that i tried to take him to in my Lexus, but was nearly impossible. I had seen their Transportation advertisements in the newspaper and decided to give them a try. The Van made it easy on my husband, as he stayed in his wheel chair. The driver was excellent. Very friendly with wonderful driving skills. She was very careful during bumps, making sure my husband had a pleasant ride. I hope to not have to use them again But I’m glad to know they will be there if and when life happens again.

Luxe gave us our Holiday spirit back. I was in desperate need for help for my wife. We were dealing with a lot. Just before December, she was got diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s. I had heard of Luxe through one of our fellow church members. I was very impressed with the care and patience my wife received. I am and will always be grateful for Fay and her staff of caregivers.


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