What is AB1217?

AB1217 Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act was enacted on January 1, 2015, enforcing stringent requirements on home care services in California. This Act enforces all home care organizations be licensed and regulated through the State Department of Social Services, and obtain registration of home care aides.

Who is affected by the Act?

This Act applies to only California home care agencies, offering nonmedical services and assistance from registered home care aides to seniors or those who have a physical or mental disability. These services allow the client to obtain independency and remain in the comfort of his or her own home.

What does this Act include?

With this Act, the legislation requires agencies to list aides in an online registry. The department is required to regularly update a home care aide registry, which obtains detailed information for home care aide applicants and registered home care aides. Home care agencies are required to practice background checks on employees, provide at least five hours of training for new employees, and fingerprint home care aides. Lastly, home care agencies must obtain a license from the state certifying their compliance with the detailed standards established within the Act.

Are there any sanctions?

If organizations do not comply with the strict regulations stated in the Act, there are consequences and penalties that must be faced. For example, the Department of Social Services will fine an organization $900 per day if they are not licensed. The Attorney General may also issue an infringement letter, which will remain in effect until the individual or organization acquires a license in accordance with this Act.  The Attorney General may also force the civil penalty or conduct an action against the individual or organization.

When reviewing home care organizations, it is important to look for a home care agency that is licensed and bonded through the State Department of Social Services.