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How to Hire Home Care Services for Your Loved One?

lonelylady350How to hire home care services is a question I know is at the top of many of your minds. How do you choose someone and how can you be sure their home care services are the right fit for your spouse, parent or child? As Administrator of Luxe Home Care, I have met with many families like yours over the years and understand your concerns. I have dedicated my career to providing the best solution for your specific situation.

Just ask Rachel. She lives in Oregon and her aging mother is in Pacific Palisades. Although it’s only a two-hour flight, it may as well be a million miles away when as she can’t be there to help her mother at a moment’s notice. When her mother complained of feeling unsteady and falling, Rachel realized it was time to take a decisive step. She purchased a plane ticket to the Los Angeles area to visit her mother and help her find the assistance she needed.

Rachel didn’t have to look very far at all. When she searched online for home care in the Pacific Palisades area, our agency popped up. Luxe Home Care is headquartered in Pacific Palisades not far from where Rachel’s mother lives. Then she read through our website and was impressed that we were licensed and provided workers’ compensation for our employees. And, because they are our employees, we also take on the responsibility for any legal or financial issues that may arise. We work with all Long-Term and Short-Term Care insurance companies and manage Long-Term Care claims for individuals and families at no additional charge. The only thing Rachel had to do was call us, sign up for home care, and we took care of the rest.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s story isn’t unique. It happens all the time. Adult children living far away from their parents are at a loss for what to do when their parent needs a companion or a caregiver at home, a nursing home, personal care home, hospital or other help wherever their family member resides. If you have a family member that would benefit from our home care services, which also includes transportation, contact us at (888) 714-5893 or (310) 459-3535. Luxe Home Care also has offices in Long Beach, Newport Beach and Riverside.

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