You have probably read articles about Alzheimer’s Disease and wondered what symptoms you should be watching out for in your family. At Luxe Homecare we receive a lot of questions from clients families and from individuals we meet at other events.

I met Lucie at a local community center. She is part of the Sandwich Generation and is taking care of both her aging parents and her teenage children. Several months ago, Lucie noticed that her mother was having problems remembering how to do certain household tasks and not taking care of her hygiene as fastidiously as she once did. Her father noticed it too. He had asked his wife about it, and her reaction was to scream at him, so he stopped asking. I told Lucie her mother might have the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia, but that it had to be diagnosed by a physician. I also gave her some guidelines of what to watch out for.

5 Alzheimer’s Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

  1. Your parent forgets recent conversations. I don’t mean that something has slipped their mind or that you are asking them to recall a conversation from months ago. This is different. You’ve discussed a specific topic in the last few days or even the previous few hours, and they have no recollection of it happening.
  2. They are struggling to do familiar tasks. You’ve noticed that your parent doesn’t remember how to use the toaster or the coffee maker, or that they’re confused as to how to turn on the shower.
  3. Your loved one has become prone to bursts of anger. You may notice that your parent becomes angry at you or others even when the conversation is not a spirited one.
  4. You mom or dad repeats themselves. This can be frustrating for a family caregiver when you are repeatedly asked the same question. It’s not that your parents is attempting to try your patience; they honestly don’t remember what occurred a few moments ago.
  5. Your parent is using poor judgment. You went to check up on mom, and she just ordered $750 worth of merchandise from a home shopping show on T.V. or sent several thousand dollars to a telemarketing scam.

How Luxe Homecare Can Help

Since we began in the home care-giving business, we have prided ourselves on being the stabilizing force between the senior and their family members. We understand how frustrating taking care of a loved one can be and we try to alleviate a great deal of that stress with our care-giving services.

If your loved one begins to exhibit any of the symptoms above, Luxe can provide both the help and the respite you need. Our caregivers are trained to deal with a range of senior-related situations and personalities. We offer assistance with companionship, light housework, meal plans and meal preparation, activities of daily living (grooming, bathing, eating), social events, doctors appointments and more. We also provide a transportation service in specific areas for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients, depending on your particular needs.

Contact us today to find out how Luxe Homecare can help your parents. We provide services for a broad geographic area in Southern California, including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Long Beach, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Newport Beach, Riverside and Santa Monica. You can reach us at (310) 459-3535, [email protected] or visit our site at Read What is Homecare for more information on care-giving srvices from Luxe Homecare.

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Alzheimer’s Alert: What You Need to Know
5 Alzheimer's symptoms you might see in your elderly relatives. Recommendations for you if you're seeing these symptoms in a loved one.