Not surprisingly, many people don’t understand what is involved in home healthcare until they need it. It is not an area that might otherwise require your attention. However, if you have had major surgery; a severe fall; a stroke or heart attack; or have a critical or debilitating illness, especially if you live alone or your family members cannot care for you, your physician will recommend a home healthcare team.

You’ve heard of nurses checking in on patients at their residences, but home healthcare includes a range of medical providers, including your doctor; registered nurses and certified nursing aides; medical social workers; and speech, occupational and physical therapists. Depending on your circumstances you may not need the entire slate of services a home healthcare team is equipped to provide. Your doctor and the RN who evaluates your condition will determine that.

My Neighbor Wanted a Favor and More Information

My neighbor Helen stopped me a few months back and told me that she would be going in for back surgery. She asked if I would mind rolling her bins out to the front every week for collection, at least until she could do it herself. Helen mentioned that her doctor had suggested a short stay at a rehabilitation facility followed by home healthcare, as she would need physical and occupational therapy for her back. She, in turn, asked him to contact Luxe Homecare because she knew we owned it and heard such wonderful things about our agency. I thanked her and told her if she had any questions to contact me. The next day she stopped me again and said, “I know this may sound stupid but can you tell me how the process works?”

Here’s How Home Healthcare Works

When you have surgery, or an acute or chronic illness, and your doctor believes you will benefit from rehabilitation or home healthcare, he or she will recommend it. That determination is made on various factors, including your specific situation, your age, general health, the amount of care you will need during recovery, what is covered by Medicare and what you can afford to pay out of pocket. Your physician then suggests a home healthcare agency to contact.

In some cases, either because your condition is fragile or there is no one at home to assist you, your primary doctor may suggest going to a rehabilitation center for a week or two to start intensive therapy and regain some strength before going home. Then he or she will call in the home healthcare professionals to continue your regimen of care. Some people opt to go straight from the hospital back home and have the home healthcare start immediately after that.

A Registered Nurse will then be sent over to perform a preliminary evaluation of your needs. The RN will confer with your physician to determine the experts you’ll need to attend to you and for how long. They will continue to reassess your progress to see if more or less care is required.

What About Luxe Home Care?

Helen listened intently. I could tell she was still looking for reassurance of her decision to choose us. I promised her that our teams were employees and not independent contractors, which meant they reported to a chain of command. Helen had been doing her homework. As an employer, Luxe takes care of everything, while the companies that use contractors make you, the patient, the employer. I explained to her that all of our home care and home healthcare teams are employees of our agency. As the employer, we provide them with bonding and insurance, worker’s compensation, and perform a full and complete criminal, personal and DMV background check, providing security for both our clients and our agency.

Do You Track Your Employees’ Time?

“How do you monitor your employees?,” she inquired. I began by giving her a synopsis of our proprietary telephone system, which allows us to keep track of when our team members arrive at your home, what they do while there and when they leave. I also invited her to visit our website to see the organizations with which we are certified or have partnerships, and for any other information she might need.

Luxe Home Healthcare Department is a under the umbrella of Luxe Homecare, based in Pacific Palisades. We also provide home heath care services to residents of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Long Beach, Malibu, Newport Beach, Riverside and Santa Monica.

To reach Luxe Homecare’s Home Health Care department, contact us at (310) 454-5500, email [email protected]