Understanding LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE Benefits

Your LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE Policy: What Are You Paying For?

Before investing in long-term care insurance determine your lifestyle and health-related needs. Then weigh your budget against the cost of the LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE plan. If you can’t afford the top of the line plan, purchase one that allocates fewer dollars per day or covers you for a shorter time.

When research LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE policies look for:

  • What conditions do you have to meet for in-home care coverage?
  • What is the elimination or waiting period on your policy before it kicks in?
  • Does the policy increase benefits for inflation automatically? How is it calculated?
  • Can you downgrade the policy if the financial burden becomes too much?
  • Does the policy have a non-forfeiture benefit?

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